Live Service Stream

Join Gulf Coast City Church every Sunday at 10am (CST) as Senior Pastor Jonathan Sansom shares the motivational message of Jesus Christ.


Once the live stream completes our media team usually uploads the service to the Gulf Coast City Church YouTube Channel later that Sunday. So if you were unable to attend service or catch the live stream, you will be able to view prior services via internet or a set top media box with YouTube access.

In addition you can watch our service on any HDMI compatible television by using a Chromecast device ($35).

To be automatically notified when the Sunday Service has been uploaded we encourage everyone to Subscribe to the Gulf Coast City Church Channel.



Bible Study Stream

Join our in depth Bible study Wednesday nights at 7p (CST) at Pastor Sansom’s home. If you can’t make it we provide a streaming feed to nourish your soul. Anyone is welcome to attend in person or online.

Live broadcast by Ustream