TAGIT is a program created to empower youth with not only the knowledge of “Right and Wrong”, but also an understanding as to why “Right is Right” and “Wrong is Wrong.” In a day and age where absolutes seem to be obsolete and morals are subject to the pop-culture trends of a secular revolution we need a generation that will rise up and take on the challenge of rebuilding a moral highway paved with the absolute truths that ensure the success of those who follow it. This is the destiny of a generation marked for change.

Mission Statement

The mission of the TAGIT program is two-fold. The first is to educate youth of the fundamental principles of absolute truth, or right from wrong. And guide them through the thought process of choice making, and to recognize the short and long term effects of personal decisions. To build a standard within themselves that creates and nurtures a high self-esteem by placing others before themselves. The second is to help parents exercise the gift of grace in parenting. This means to love, affirm, discipline and guide children toward healthy self-esteem which can be a strong foundation for mature, responsible living – helping families to not just survive in society but thrive and once again become the strength of this nation. Our purpose is to help families become better families.

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